Do Siblings Prevent Childhood Obesity?

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A new study says that kids who have siblings have fewer chances of suffering childhood obesity. This study further claims that kids without siblings have higher chances of suffering obesity during childhood!

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There could be a link between a kid's body mass index and having another sibling. But still, researchers are not clear on how having siblings could really help in maintaining healthy weight.

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If we could carefully look at the natural advantages that a kid could enjoy when he or she has siblings, maybe we can understand that a kid will have someone to play with. This might engage the kid in more physical activities.

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Also, the eating habits tend to be better when a kid has siblings. Parents may stay organised and keep their kids diet routines more disciplined when there are more kids to handle.

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When there is only one kid, there are high chances of parents pampering the kid with too much of affection and food and this could indirectly cause obesity.

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Today, the rates of childhood obesity are alarmingly high. Though having more kids might not be a possible alternative, parents need to find better ways to keep their kids' weight under control. In today's world, having more kids might be a possible alternative as several other factors play a role in deciding the number of kids in a family.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 12, 2016, 8:10 [IST]
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