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Reading Books Verses Watching TV: Which Is Better?

By Debdatta Mazumder

Today, kids are fond of television more than books. Beside television, they like to spend hours by playing video games.

Parents are busy in their job and kids get enough time to do whatever they want. But, you can’t let them do so, right? Being a parent is not an easy task.

How To Stop Kids From Watching TV: 10 Steps

You have to be very careful about the nature and habits your kids are following and it is your duty to show them the right path.

If you ask why reading books is better than watching TV, then you’ll get lots of benefits associated with reading. But, is it better for your kids too? Yes, obviously.

Books are said to be the best friend of a human being. So, to make your kid grow as a proper human being, you should develop the habit of reading to him/her. Yes, it is true that what kids see they remember more than only reading it.

For example, watching a historical piece on the television can create a more prominent impression on the kids than going through the black words on white pages. But, we would still vouch for reading and its benefits any day.

5 Ways To Make Kids Read Books

There are parents who ask why reading books is better than watching TV. Actually, there are lots of other benefits of reading as well. Hence, read through the following points and know why reading books is better than watching TV.

1. Reading Improves The Comprehensive Skill: This is one of the most important benefits of reading books. While kids watch television, they do nothing than stare at the screen, whereas reading makes them more alert about the incidents going on and makes them have a view on seeing the happenings around us.

2. Reading Means Knowledge: Why reading books is better than watching TV? It is so because your kid can know a lot by reading. With the advancement of technology, reading is now possible through e-books. So, make them go through the internet for this than wasting time on video games.

3. Reading Improves Concentration: While going through a book, you have to be alert about the minute details. For example, make your children read detective stories. Tell them that if they don’t pay attention, they won’t realise how the case has been solved. See how this practice helps them in class.

4. Television Is harmful For The Eyes: Constantly watching television can make your kid tired and he/she may develop visual problems at a very early age in life. Besides, the blue light hampers their sleep. Make them habituated with bedtime stories. Thus, your kid gets good sleep at night and will have an energetic morning.

5. Reading Improves Imagination: When you ask why reading books is better than watching TV, this is the thing that you should consider the most important. A human being without imagination is like a robot. Television has no scope of imagination. You’re seeing the complete project while reading a book, which gives the kids wings to think beyond the printed words.

6. Reading Makes Him/Her More Sensitive: Children learn what they see. Why make them insensitive by allowing them to watch adult programmes on television, right? Rather, make them read beautiful stories, which will help them to grow tenderness inside them. A future world with sensitive people is all that we need, right?

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