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How Outdoor Light Reduces Myopia Risk In Kids

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Do you know why health experts recommend outdoor activities for your children? Well, a new study claims that it is good for the eye sight of children. Yes, kids must be exposed to outdoor light. It minimizes their risk of developing short-sightedness.

Outdoor Light Reduces Myopia Risk

Instead of spending time on play station, mobiles or televisions, if kids are made to spend their time more in outdoors, it is good for their eye sight.
A study reveals that kids who are not adequately exposed to outdoor light tend to develop eye sight issues like myopia.

Outdoor Light Reduces Myopia Risk2

In fact, health experts say that it works for children who are already suffering from myopia. Yes, spending time outdoors may slow down the rate in which myopia progresses to advanced stages in kids who already developed it.

Outdoor Light Reduces Myopia Risk3

How much exposure is needed? Well, a couple of hours a day must be spent in outdoor light to enjoy the health benefits, say researchers.
This observation will surely help parents prevent the risk of myopia in their kids.

Outdoor Light Reduces Myopia Risk4

Generally, today's parents have a tough time in parenting as many gadgets and devices have become a part in the lives of children. Convincing kids to spend their time outdoors could be tougher for parents but at the end of the day, it offers health benefits.

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Story first published: Friday, April 8, 2016, 8:37 [IST]
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