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Can Mindfulness Prevent Childhood Obesity?

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A new study says that the brain network of obese children looks a bit different compared to the rest of the children who aren't obese. Researchers opine that this makes them eat beyond a limit.

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The same study declares that mindfulness can solve the problem as it may reduce the impulsive nature of kids while eating. Researchers believe that there is a link between childhood obesity and brain connections that govern impulsive nature. It is a fact that brain activity and brain connections govern each and every action of ours and the same applies to the eating habits of children too.

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So, this study further says that when parents can identify their children's overeating habit on time and make them eat mindfully, they might reduce the chances of suffering childhood obesity.

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This study found a strong relation between the weight of a kid, his eating habits and also the brain activity of the kid.
When researchers studied the children who ate more, certain areas in the brain were active. Those are the same areas that are active when a person gets impulsive.

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In fact, even adults can try mindfulness while eating in order to curb binge eating. Human beings need food to supply them enough fuel to carry on with their daily activities. But as food has become a pleasure, we have started to eat just for the sake of taste and this is how excess calories enter the system and make us obese.

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When we eat mindfully, we can listen to the body's actual needs and eat slowly and in limited quantities. If you can try mindfulness and also teach the same to your kids, you can keep childhood obesity at bay.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 27, 2016, 20:29 [IST]
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