Why Your Kid Must Learn 2-3 Languages

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The role of language skills in child development cannot be underestimated. A new study says that kids who learn more than 2 languages tend to attain problem solving skills faster than kids who know only a single language.

Language Skills In Child Development5

Researchers conclude that learning more languages can help kids in many ways as mastering two languages involves utilising certain mental and cognitive skills.

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As the child grows older, he or she becomes a master in switching between several languages during a conversation effortlessly.
The brain stores information and vocabulary of various languages and also retrieves the information faster and this skill comes handy when it comes to problem solving.

Language Skills In Child Development3

When researchers studied the performance of two groups of kids out of which one group is monolingual (knows only one language) whereas the other is bilingual (2-3 languages), the results proved that bilingual kids can be faster and more efficient in some tests or tasks.

Language Skills In Child Development2

In fact, this is the reason why many schools teach more than two languages to children. During the growing phase, the mind tends to be receptive. Also, as certain tasks or activities tend to activate certain paths or areas in the brain, a kid must be given more opportunities to learn.

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Story first published: Friday, February 5, 2016, 10:24 [IST]
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