How Your Anxiety Affects Your Kids

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Do you know that your anxiety affects your kids? Yes, it may affect their eating habits. A new study says that children of parents who suffered anxiety especially during pregnancy turn into fussy eaters.

How Your Anxiety Affects Your Kids1

This study further claims that such children tend to show the signs of fussy eating by the time they reach the age of three. Also, when parents show anxiety during parenting, especially during the first few years of the child, it affects the child's behaviour in certain ways.

How Your Anxiety Affects Your Kids2

Also, pregnant women who suffer from anxiety may have to relax more to avoid the effect of anxiety on the child. This study found a link between paternal anxiety and fussy eating behaviour in children.

How Your Anxiety Affects Your Kids3

This may also apply to fathers who show anxiety while parenting their young babies. The children of such parents may turn fussy gradually says research.

How Your Anxiety Affects Your Kids4

This applies even to parents who show signs of depression during pregnancy or parenting. Fussy eating behvaiour implies not eating any food and rejecting whatever the parents offer as healthy food.

How Your Anxiety Affects Your Kids5

Such behaviour may cause concerns in parents who wish to feed the baby with good food. This study was conducted on more than 4000 parents and their children.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 2, 2016, 4:02 [IST]
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