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How Treatment Can Help School Dropouts

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A new study found that treatment and guidance can make the life of school dropouts better. When children do well academically, parents tend to be happy but for some reason, if a kid turns into a dropout, parents go through sleepless nights worrying about the kid's future.

How Treatment Can Help School Dropouts

School dropouts tend to face many issues and if they aren't handled on time, they may continue till they grow up into adults.

How Treatment Can Help School Dropouts2

Such kids tend to have higher anxiety levels, poor confidence levels, inferiority complex, lack of social skills and several other emotional issues if proper guidance isn't given to them.

How Treatment Can Help School Dropouts3

If treatment isn't offered on time, they may perceive themselves as unworthy children who don't deserve a normal life. Dropouts who are given assistance seem to fare well in life later on and faced fewer emotional issues.

How Treatment Can Help School Dropouts4

It is important to build confidence and self-esteem in children no matter how their academic performance is. When kids are made to believe that academics are the only way to come up in life, they may feel inferior every time they fail in exams.

How Treatment Can Help School Dropouts5

Also, they might hate studies if they are made to believe that only top ranks can give them a good life. So, it is important to ensure that kids are given timely assistance and guidance by counselors when they turn into dropouts.

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Story first published: Saturday, May 21, 2016, 9:19 [IST]
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