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How To Prepare Children For Schooling

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A new study claims that engaging your kids in games, art or music before you join them in a school could help them become better students.

How To Prepare Children For Schooling1

Before they join kindergarten, they will get a chance to learn certain skills like following directions, focusing on a task, listening with attention and persistence when a difficult task is given.

How To Prepare Children For Schooling2

Though most of the kids get accustomed well to the starting point of schooling, more than 25% of the children tend to hate school may be because they aren't prepared for the learning process.

How To Prepare Children For Schooling3

So, it is better to make preschoolers engage themselves in fun activities like games and learning music so that by the time they reach the schooling age, they will be able to tune themselves with certain learning skills.

How To Prepare Children For Schooling4

The job of the parents is to make the transition smoother so that children won't face any difficulty with the abrupt change in their lives.
Researchers kept some children under observation and taught them music and engaged them in some games where they gradually increased the difficulty level and kiss seemed to enjoy the transition without feeling intimidated.

How To Prepare Children For Schooling5

So this way, if the transition between preschool life and school life is made smooth, kids can take it easily. Otherwise, they would hate school.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 9:45 [IST]
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