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How Childhood Fitness Can Impact Health

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A new study claims that good fitness levels in childhood could minimise the cardiovascular risks after a person reaches adulthood.

Many studies have already proved that good fitness levels can reduce the risks of heart problems but now researchers are interested to see whether it applies to childhood obesity.

How Childhood Fitness Can Impact Health1

As a part of the study, researchers kept more than 1500 children under observation and followed up until they grew up.

How Childhood Fitness Can Impact Health2

The final data collection proved that proper fitness levels from childhood can minimise the risks in adulthood.

How Childhood Fitness Can Impact Health3

The final results proved that the risk could be minmised by 35% if children maintain fitness levels since a very young age. Those who suffered childhood obesity may have higher health risks as they grow up.

How Childhood Fitness Can Impact Health4

Developing metabolic syndrome could be the most dangerous thing to happen to anyone's health and proper fitness levels can surely reduce the risks.

How Childhood Fitness Can Impact Health5

Irrespective of age, aiming for fitness levels is the key for good health and minimising the risk of several health issues.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 26, 2016, 7:22 [IST]
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