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Does Having More Kids Keep You Young?

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A recent study claims that women who give birth to more number of children tend to age slowly. It claims that the body tends to age slowly when a woman chooses to give birth to more kids.

This study found out that mothers who had more children displayed longer 'telomeres'. What are these telomeres? Well, they are nothing but the tips of DNA strands. They generally denote the ageing process. Longer tips indicate longer lifespan too.

Having More Than One Kid

After assessing more than 75 mothers and their children, researchers came to this opinion. As a part of the study, researchers collected the specimens of saliva of all the participants.

Having More Than One Kid- Two Kidss

Previously, researchers were of the opinion that having more children would speed up the ageing process but this study contradicted that opinion.

Having More Than One Kid- Baby

In the mothers who gave birth to more children, telomeres shortened at a slower pace according to the researchers.
Researchers also added that even the environment and other factors could also have played a role in the ageing rate and the reproduction rate of the mothers who have participated in the study.

Having More Than One Kid- Daughter

Though this study claims that having more children can slow down ageing, it may not be practical for most of the couples to have as many children as possible due to the lack of resources, time and many other factors.

Having More Than One Kid- One Kid

Also, as most of the countries in the world are getting densely populated, many wouldn't even prefer or recommend having more children to slow down their ageing process.

In fact, having more than one kid nowadays isn't even a practical idea! But still, this study was an interesting one as researchers were wondering how ageing can be slowed down.

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