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Does Pollution Worsen Rheumatic Diseases?

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A new study calms that air pollution could trigger inflammation of airways in kids who suffer from rheumatic conditions. Exposure to air pollution may simply worsen the condition.

Does Pollution Worsen Rheumatic Diseases1

Lupus is a condition which may damage various parts of the body. It could affect joints, skin and gradually may affect other organs like brain, heart, lungs and kidneys too.

Does Pollution Worsen Rheumatic Diseases2

Generally, patients suffering from this condition could develop rashes, swollen joints and even fever. This study claims that there is a link between pollution and worsening of lupus.

Does Pollution Worsen Rheumatic Diseases3

Air pollution could not just increase the risk of lung diseases, but it could also be a factor that could worsen lupus in kids.

Does Pollution Worsen Rheumatic Diseases4

Today, the pollution levels in all cities are increasing drastically and this could affect the health of both children and adults.

Does Pollution Worsen Rheumatic Diseases6

At least during childhood, if children are brought up in greener areas, the risk of suffering several pollution related disorders would drastically decrease.

Does Pollution Worsen Rheumatic Diseases5

In fact, in today's busy world, nobody seems to be bothered much about protection against pollution due to the rat race that keeps everyone busy.

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Story first published: Saturday, June 11, 2016, 12:23 [IST]
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