Does Counseling Help Kids Stay Healthy?

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A new study reveals that family counseling works well and helps growing kids maintain good health by cultivating good food habits and exercise habits.

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In the study, kids who were made to participate in family counseling sessions related to health showed better lifestyle habits when it comes to diet and activity levels.

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Such kids consumed a diet rich in vegetables and preferred to stay active, say researchers. More than 500 kids were involved in the study and researchers observed their lifestyle for more than two years before they came to this conclusion.

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The key is dietary counseling and involvement of parents. Reducing inactivity, sedentary behavior and enhancing the quality of diet were the main steps. And the kids were inspired through the counseling sessions and practically implemented the healthy steps.

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Kids who were given counseling could also minimise their TV time and video gaming time. They also embraced good diets and involved themselves in physical activity.

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Finally, researchers aim to incorporate such counseling activities in child care systems. The future generations should be educated about healthy lifestyle habits and the dangers of spending too much of time indoors with gadgets that cause addiction.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 15, 2016, 7:04 [IST]
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