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Does Childhood Affect A Person's Career


A new study claims that children who get enough attention, love, care and resources during their childhood tend to succeed in their careers after they grow up. Also, such children may enjoy more happiness in their adult lives.

This study further reveals that supportive parenting has positive effects on children especially after they grow up. Both academic success and happiness are linked to how a child is treated during childhood.

Of course, children of strict parents also settle well in their adult lives. But when it comes to the happiness and joy levels, they may lag behind according to this study. Yes, parents who discipline their children and make them score well in academics seldom make their kids feel happy.

As a part of the study, researchers carried out may tests to actually look into the effects of parenting after a kid grows up into an adult and settles down in life. More than 5000 people participated in the study.

As a part of the study, all participants and their equation with their parents were studied. This study reveals that being harsh with children in the name of discipline may make them grow up as unhappy adults.

Though success in career is important, it is better to give enough love, care and attention to children to ensure that they remain happy throughout their lives.

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