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Does ADHD Cause Sleeplessness In Kids?

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A new study claims that kids with ADHD (attention deficit disorder) may find it difficult to fall asleep. Also, such kids might not be able to enjoy quality sleep as they tend to remain distracted.

Does ADHD Cause Sleeplessness In Kids1

This gradually may turn into insomnia or sleep deprivation. Kids who suffer ADHD are generally hyperactive, inattentive and also impulsive. Some kids my suffer this condition till adulthood.

Does ADHD Cause Sleeplessness In Kids2

Such kids may find it very difficult to even sit still. They fail to focus on anything for a long duration. This affects their social skills and also their academics.

Does ADHD Cause Sleeplessness In Kids3

As this new study also claims that this disorder affects the quality of sleep in kids, parents may need to pay more attention. In fact, when kids lose sleep in the night, they tend to fall asleep during the day.

Does ADHD Cause Sleeplessness In Kids4

A new study is trying to find out whether treating the sleep issues can minimise the hyperactive issue in such children.

Does ADHD Cause Sleeplessness In Kids5

Generally, hyperactivity and restlessness could also be a side-effect of sleep deprivation. When kids lose sleep, they tend to be more aggressive, restless and emotional on the next day. So, it might help if you can make your kid sleep better and on time.

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Story first published: Friday, May 6, 2016, 10:12 [IST]
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