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Do Kids Need Sunlight?

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We need vitamin D for the growth and development of bones. Generally, kids get enough of it from the exposure to sunlight. Yes, even some foods do provide vitamin D, but we get the major share from the sun.

Do Kids Need Sunlight

When kids aren't exposed to enough sunlight, they may develop a deficiency of vitamin D. Even pregnant women must remember that the foetus also needs vitamin D for the growth and development of bones.

Do Kids Need Sunlight2

The main role of vitamin D is to help the body absorb more calcium. What happens when you don't get enough of vitamin D? Well, pains, fractures, aches, weak muscles, rickets and slow motor development are some of the side effects of the deficiency in kids.

Do Kids Need Sunlight3

In adults, certain issues like diabetes, heart disease, certain types of cancers and even osteoporosis can occur due to vitamin D deficiency. In fact, when pregnant women lack enough of vitamin D, the kids may develop rickets.

Do Kids Need Sunlight4

The human body needs sunlight. But at the same time too much sunlight can cause certain harmful effects. So, ensure that your kid gets enough of sunlight.

Do Kids Need Sunlight5

Also, as pregnant women also need vitamin D, consulting your doctor will help you know how much sunlight is too much.

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Story first published: Saturday, April 23, 2016, 8:25 [IST]
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