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Do Exercises Boost Kids' Intellect?

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A new study claims that kids who take part in more physical activity tend to enjoy better brain function. Physical activities seem to enhance their academic performance and intelligence too.

Do Exercises Boost Kids' Intellect

This study also says that regular workouts help kids in learning life skills faster. Also, exercise builds self esteem and confidence levels too. Children tend to learn socialising and building relationships with others through physical activities or games at schools.

Do Exercises Boost Kids' Intellect 2

Also, physical activity from childhood can minmise the risk of several health issues after the kid grows up into an adult. Diabetes and heart issues can be prevented through an active lifestyle.

Do Exercises Boost Kids' Intellect 3

Even moderate levels of physical activity can also help minimise health risks in children. Also, exercise can strengthen the body and protect the heart of the child.

Do Exercises Boost Kids' Intellect 4

After playing for some time, the kid's mind gets refreshed and this helps him focus well on studies. That is why after-school activities and games help kids a lot in enjoying schooling.

Do Exercises Boost Kids' Intellect 5

After conducting a practical study on more than 1000 kids of different age groups, researchers confirmed that physical activity can boost academic performance, intelligence and also the health of any kid irrespective of age.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 29, 2016, 12:06 [IST]
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