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Cheat Sheet: Easy Tricks To Give Proper Nutrition To Your Child

Posted By: Staff
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According to a recent study, food that is presented to children as "healthy" is often perceived to be 'not-so-tasty' by them. As a result, they eat very less of such foods, even when their parents force them.

Parents often want to provide proper nutrition to their child by any means possible. However, they face a major challenge here, as kids don't want to eat anything healthy. Here lies an opportunity which can be leveraged by them. They need to be smart here by understanding the child's psyche. Changing the way one presents healthy food to a child can actually make all the difference.

So what we, as parents, should do to make nutrition more sure for our child?

Tips To Provide Proper Nutrition To Kids

The answer does not have a single answer. First of all, you, as a parent, must know of your child's nutritional needs. Your child requires carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals to be given in proper quantities. However, some children need more nutrients in their food when compared to others. Hence, you must be aware of your child's needs.

The next point of concern is a child's eating pattern. Our modern-day children are very smart and, at times, get to know how parents trick them while trying to make them eat. Therefore, nowadays, parents need to be smarter in dealing with these "modern-day kids".

Let's take a look at some of the tricks that will help you in making nutrition more sure for your kid and, trust us, your child is going to love it.

#1 Trick To Making Nutrition More Sure: Make A Fun-Schedule
Come up with a nutrition plan with a fun schedule. Ensure that you include a wide variety of foods in order to provide vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the right proportions. Don't forget to add milk, as it contains all the necessary nutrients in it.

#2 Trick To Making Nutrition More Sure: Involve Your Child In The Plan
You need to be smart when you are dealing with your child. Involve your children and take their opinion when you are preparing the food chart or schedule. When their opinions are considered, children would feel interested. They would never say no to the food you offer when you consider their opinions and involve them in the process.

Involve Your Child In The Plan

#3 Trick To Making Nutrition More Sure: Make A Weekly Plan
Initially, start with a three-day plan. Once you successfully implement it, plan a weekly schedule and then move on to a monthly schedule. Your target is to provide all the necessary nutrients for the growth and development of your kid through the meal schedule.

#4 Trick To Making Nutrition More Sure: Offer An Incentive
As human beings, we all love rewards or incentives. This applies to kids as well. So, tell your kids that they can enjoy TV for an extra hour only if they finish drinking the glass of Horlicks milk before you count to 10. This makes the activity playful. In fact, if you make the process enjoyable, your kids will eagerly wait for their glass of milk every single day. This makes your task of making nutrition more sure for your kids, effortless.

#5 Trick To Making Nutrition More Sure: Presentation Is Everything
Ironically though milk is nutritious, most of the kids find it boring to drink it every day. This is where your role as a parent comes in. Make the food presentable. How? Try giving your child some bland milk first, and later make him/her happy by adding some Horlicks to it. This can, for sure, make them relish the yummy taste of the drink packed with proper nutrition.

#6 Trick To Making Nutrition More Sure: Encourage Your Child
Encourage your child to make his/her cup of milk taste more delicious by adding Horlicks to it. Allow them to stir it well and then watch the magic unfold. Your kid will never say no to this amazing healthy drink. And on the other hand, you will be glad that you are making nutrition more sure for your child by adding Horlicks to the milk, thereby helping in his/her growing needs.

Trick To Making Nutrition More Sure: Encourage Your Child

#7 Trick To Making Nutrition More Sure: Make It Appear Like A Junk Food
Yes, this trick really works with kids. Since your kids love all kinds of junk foods such as pizza, burger, pasta, noodles, etc., they will love eating any food that will attract them by its appearance. There is a simple trick for that. If you want your child to eat more vegetables then fry some veggies in olive oil. Make an omelet and hide the veggies inside the omelet. Add some healthy sauce (homemade) to spice it up. A little research on the net could help you find more recipes.

Make It Appear Like A Junk Food

#8 Trick To Making Nutrition More Sure: Make Eating A Fun Thing To Do
Do you remember your child's birthday cake? It was filled with things that your child likes such as toppings made out of edible dolls, toys, teddies, etc. The trick here is to do the same and be more creative with healthy foods. Make the regular foods look more attractive by adding some crushed chocolate, homemade jellies, some jam or ketchup, etc, on these nutritious healthy foods, so that your child will relish every bit of it.

Make Eating A Fun Thing To Do

#9 Trick To Making Nutrition More Sure: Never Force Your Kid
If your kid does not want to eat any particular vegetable, eggs or milk, never force him/her. Find other techniques to make nutrition more sure for them. For example, you can feed them eggs by adding it to a pudding or give them a glass full of milk with Horlicks in it. Similarly, you can try various other options to make your kids have a balanced nutrition.

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