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Can Fish Reduce Your Child’s Aggression?

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A new study states that foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids may help in minimising the impulsiveness an aggression in kids.

Can Fish Reduce Your Child’s Aggression?1

This study claims that the impulsive nature and emotional volatility in kids may be controlled a bit with the help of foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

Can Fish Reduce Your Child’s Aggression?2

Seafood like tuna and fatty fish contain omega 3 fatty acids. Also, certain nuts contain them. This study says that omega 3 supplements may also minimise the aggressive behaviour in kids.
When this kind of diet is also coupled with a behavioural therapy, the aggression levels in kids can be controlled.

Can Fish Reduce Your Child’s Aggression?3

Researchers observed a change in kids' aggression after a span of 3 months with the help of diet changes. Nearly 300 kids around the age of 11 years were involved in the study. All of them displayed aggressive behavior before the study.

Can Fish Reduce Your Child’s Aggression?4

They were given omega 3 fatty acids in various forms and were also offered behavioural therapy. After the study, researchers understood that omega 3 fatty acids had some effect on the kids' behavior.

Can Fish Reduce Your Child’s Aggression?4

Also, when it is combined with cognitive behavioral therapy, the effects were better. The aggression levels in kids could be controlled a bit.

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