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Are ‘Only Children’ Lonely Children?

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It is a fact that most of the couples today opt for a single child rather than having 2-3 children. Well, there are many reasons for that. From providing resources to spending time and giving attention, many factors play a role in rising children.

Are ‘Only Children’ Lonely Children?

That is why parents who wish to give their best to their next generation opt for a single child. But there are many opinions that a single child in the family tends to feel lonely when there are no siblings to play with.

Are ‘Only Children’ Lonely Children2

Also, generally an only child tends to be pampered a lot. Some of the spoilt brats are generally pampered ones. So, one down side of having only a single kid is loneliness. When a kid has the company of siblings, it is good for growth and development.

Are ‘Only Children’ Lonely Children3

But in today's world, it is tough to have 2-3 kids as most of the couples are working. Both the mother and father are busy with their work. Taking care of the kids becomes tougher.

Are ‘Only Children’ Lonely Children4

But if parents could find a way to reduce the feeling of loneliness experienced by the kid, then the problem can be rectified.
Also, letting the kid mingle more with other kids in the neighbourhood can also help. This way, parents may need to find other ways to make the kid feel better.

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Story first published: Friday, April 29, 2016, 6:46 [IST]
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