Why Kids Must Be Kept Away From Parties

By: Pooja Kaushal
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Parties definitely mean more fun, food, gossip, games, leisure and all that you can imagine as pleasurable. There can be parties, especially for children, for families, or exclusively for adults. Many a times people receive invitations that specifically mention 'only for adults.’

While some take it in a good spirit, there are others who question why kids must be kept away from parties. Many consider it rude, whereas for many it becomes a handicap situation.

What is your opinion on this? How would you react to such a situation? Do you think it is good to take children to an all adults’ party?

Well, thoughts may differ, and everyone has the freedom to express oneself. Taking kids to parties, meant for adults, is also a debatable issue for many.

However, there are some reasons that may make you rethink over, 'why should you avoid taking kids to a party meant for adults only’. Consider the following. Henceforth, it is your opinion and decision.

why kids must be kept away from parties

• A party planned, specially for adults, will have an atmosphere that may not be suitable for children. This could have anything to do with the purpose or the party, the theme, the games being played, the kind of conversations being held, or simply the location of the party.

Taking a child along to such a party will not only be improper for the child, but will also be a task for the parents.

• Children’s party has food and drinks designed to suit the tastes and preferences of children. When it comes to gatherings meant for adults, it might become difficult to find something suitable for a child. Not only does the child suffer, but the host also feels uncomfortable.

why kids must be kept away from parties

• What can a child do in a group of adults? You might feel that your little one will liven up the atmosphere, but not all may like this kind of an entertainment. The twinkle of your eye may become an annoyance for many. People might not say so, but why put yourself in such a situation?

• For many people, an adult party is a way to escape from the hassles of their daily life. This is one reason why kids must be kept away from such parties because if a parent lands up with children the whole point of enjoying some carefree time is lost.

The same issues will be present and all members might get distracted to a certain extent. It might also be embarrassing for the child to be the only one in an adult group.

why kids must be kept away from parties

• When you attend a party with little children, you cannot escape keeping an eye on them. Whether you like it or not, your children are your responsibility and you need to see to it that your little Johnny is not up to any mischief or, worse still, not getting into any kind of trouble.

Your host too may be concerned with the presence of a little one in the party; reasons for concern can be many.

• Usually grown-ups have parties that start a little late in the evening and go on till late night. There can be no argument in favour of such party timings being suitable for children.

In the best interest of the children, they ought to be in bed early. Staying up late is unhealthy for them; and if there is school the next day, it could be rather torturous for the child.

Why you should avoid taking kids to the parties might be perplexing for you. If you are the host, you can take your liberties; however, if you're invited to an adult party, it would be best to respect the host’s decision and sentiment.

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Story first published: Friday, December 11, 2015, 23:00 [IST]
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