Why Junk Food Is Bad For Kids

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Feed your kids with nutritious foods instead of junk foods even though they love the junk more. We all know why junk foods are harmful.

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If you wish to raise healthy kids, who grow up to be strong and healthy adults, it is better to control the food habits from a very young age. Of course, this doesn't mean that you must totally restrict your children's freedom.

It is more about educating them about the harmful effects of junk food and trying to minimise their intake when they are still young.

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Now, let us discuss why junk food is bad for us and even your children.

Why Junk Food Is Bad For Kids

Why Is Junk Food Bad?


They Cause Obesity
A recent study claims that the sole reason for childhood obesity is junk food even though inactive lifestyles occupy the second place. Even after knowing this if you are still feeding your kids with the fast foods that you love, then your child's health is at stake.

They May Leave No Place For Nutritious Meals
When you fill your kid's belly more with junk foods, will there be enough place there to consume a healthy meal? This is one reason why you shouldn't encourage kids to eat too much of such foods.

 They Cause Obesity

They May Cause Addictions
Would you like your child to get addicted to the junk that you are addicted to? Ensure that you set the right example first and also ensure that your kids never fall in such a trap.

They May Weaken Immunity
When your body is deprived of nutrients and when your body is filled up with toxins that processed foods bring, your immunity might suffer and the same applies to your kid. Therefore, be careful in what you feed your kids with.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 23, 2015, 6:06 [IST]
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