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When To Stop Bottle Feeding Your Baby

By: Sneha A
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Becoming attached to the bottles is quite obvious for the toddlers. It is the easiest way to switch from breast feeding which provides them a similar sense of warmth and security which they get by being close to their mother while feeding. However there does come a time when you have to make your child let go of the bottle and start getting used to drinking with cups. To the question when is the right time to stop bottle feeding to your baby doctors say that this transition should be made before the baby completes its first twelve months and it can be started as soon as the baby hits six months of age.

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Much delay from the right time to stop bottle feeding your baby can cause numerous health related problems to your child. The sooner you get them to leave this habit the better it is for them but the longer you wait for them to get rid of the bottle the harder it will be for you and for the child to get used to drinking from cups. Switching from bottle to cup can be tricky but if you put some extra efforts this can be done in a shorter duration.

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1. Cups

It is usually recommended that drinking from the cup should be introduced to the babies as early as six months of their age. They definitely will not be able to learn to maneuver the new task immediately and most of it may land on the floor yet by the time they complete their first year they will begin to get the hang of it.


2. Cow milk

Well, as doctors also recommend switching from baby formula to cow's milk at the age of one this new change can also be added with it, giving the baby an entirely new experience which eventually become natural to him.


3. Water

You can also get your baby to start drinking small amounts of water or diluted juice in a small cup even while you are breast feeding. This will get the child to get used to it gradually and hence it will be easier.


4. Obesity

Researchers have come up to a conclusion that kids who keep on use bottle for feeding even by the age of two are more likely to get obese by the time they are six.


5. Tooth Decay

When the child starts developing teeth drinking from bottle can prove to be a real problem as milk or juice when sucked from bottle stay on tooth for a longer duration and thus lead to tooth decay. This worsens if the child has the habit of sleeping while bottle feeding.


6. Sippers

Children at this age are very much attracted to bright colors and hence you can use it for getting your child to go for drinking from cups just by getting them different colored Sippy cups with various designs when they have completed their six months.


7. Cheese

Children who are above the age of one may throw a lot of tantrums if you try to absolutely say no to the bottle rather than going gradual on them. Parents in this case will have to keep themselves strong enough for a few days and not give in. Just make sure you get them enough calcium from other sources like cheese, yogurt etc.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 22:00 [IST]
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