How Parents Can Prevent Bad Habits In Kids

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The problem with teenage is that it is a phase that could make anyone adventurous. Teenagers like to try different things maybe for thrill or excitement. Some may try hi-speed bikes and some may get into alcohol or smoking.

A recent study proved that parents can prevent such a situation. Yes, adolescents tend to experiment a lot with alcohol and other substances. But when parents maintain a healthy relationship with their kids, they can drastically reduce the risk.

How To Prevent Bad Habits In Kids- Worrying parents

According to that research, most of the experimentation with such substances happens due to bad company. When kids mingle with friends who do such things, they would naturally try such things.

The study says that parents who clearly know about their kids and their friends, they can control the situation better and neutralise the impact.

How To Prevent Bad Habits In Kids- Mother daughter

That study was done on more than 600 students. Many parents were closely observed just to record the way they interacted with their children.

Generally, kids are vulnerable at the age of 13-15. They may feel like trying substances like alcohol and tobacco. Also, as kids undergo lots of physical and mental changes, when they reach teenage, it is very important for parents to create a strong foundation through upbringing.

What are the ways to prevent drug abuse among teenagers? When parents can strengthen the bond with their children through effective communication and collaboration, they can greatly minimise certain risks. Children who love their parents tend to carefully take their steps even when they are surrounded by friends who smoke and drink.

How To Prevent Bad Habits In Kids- Father Son

According to this study, constructive steps by parents can surely shape the kids behaviour during teenage even when hereditary factors are at play.

So, one of the best methods of preventing drug abuse is by using good parenting skills. Maybe parents should be more friendly and close with their teenagers to avoid such a risk. Generally, when parents and children are close and when the bond is strong, children tend to discuss everything with parents and take the right decisions in life.

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Story first published: Monday, December 14, 2015, 10:51 [IST]
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