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Toddlers And Smartphones: What Health Experts Say

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Today, smart phones have become a part of the lives of many toddlers all over the world according to a recent study. At such a tender age, kids have started using technological gadgets.

As a part of this study, many parents were asked several questions. Most of them reported that tablets were the gadgets that children predominantly used. And the surprising fact is toddlers aged a year also used such gadgets. The average daily time spent on such gadgets was around 20 minutes.

Toddlers And Smartphones- Laptop

This trend might surely help in digital literacy but still many health experts are worried a bit looking at this trend as it might affect the social engagement of toddlers with parents.

Also, health experts are worried that some parents may simply use gadgets as 'babysitters'. When parents are busy, they simply handover the gadget to the toddler and carry on with their activities.

Toddlers And Smartphones- Kid

Also, some parents are using smart phones to make their kids silent in public places. As such gadgets entertain kids, parents are using them too often to take a break from the babysitting job.

Toddlers And Smartphones- Mom

As kids might need more of interaction with parents for healthy growth and development, this trend is perceived as unhealthy by the health experts. As a part of the study, nearly 300 parents were given questionnaires on the usage of smart phones, gadgets and television of their kids.

Toddlers And Smartphones- Kid

This study concluded that almost all of the kids of today's generation are exposed to TV. And then comes the usage of smart phones. Nearly, 80% of the kids who were a part of this study were exposed to smart phones and tablets. And as the kids grew up, other gadgets like video games and laptops got in. Today's children also enjoy Internet access and that is what worries most of the health experts.

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