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Things A Dad Should Teach His Son

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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It is said that a lady becomes a mother as soon as she conceives; however, a man becomes a father only when he takes his child into his lap. The affection a mother feels while carrying the baby may not overflow into a man, similarly, because he starts to think how to provide for the little kid who is coming into the world.

However, when he takes his kid in his arms, a father feels that it is his portion, whether the kid is a boy or a girl. A father shares different kind of bonding with his son and daughter.

While you’re a father of a son, you want to live within him forever. You can do this only if you give one part of yourself to your son. How can you do that? With 10 things every dad should teach his son, you can make your son grow up as a real man.

Therefore, what should fathers teach their son? There are several answers you’ll find for this question. The most important thing what a dad should teach his son is to become a true human being.

If you’re a new dad and want to know about the 10 things every dad should teach his son, go through the following points.

Things You Every Dad Should Teach His Son

1. Respect Women: This is the best thing you can teach your son from his childhood. If you misbehave with your wife in front of the kid, what will he learn from it? Always teach him to respect women emotionally and physically to get the same thing in return.

2. Make Him A Gentleman: What a dad should teach his son? You’re admired among your family, friends and colleagues for your chivalry, etiquettes, good behavior and much more. Wouldn't you want your son to get the same admiration from his fellow people? Hence, teach him how to be confident yet modest.

Things You Every Dad Should Teach His Son

3. Teach Him Integrity: This is a lesson that every father should teach his son. Doing right always, even when no one is watching, means you’re a man of integrity. You should pass on the legacy of being truthful to your son.

4. Make Him Hard-Working: This is one of the most important among the 10 things every dad should teach his son. You should teach your son the simple formula of life, that is, if you work hard you’ll get good results. Hard work means that you’re leading a disciplined life.

Things You Every Dad Should Teach His Son

5. Make Him Responsible: You should make your son strong enough to take responsibility from childhood. You should teach him to be self-dependent. If you make him responsible enough, he won’t suffer from a lack of confidence while taking any decision in his later life.

6. Love Others: How happy you will feel when you see your son being loved by all? To make him that way, you should teach him to love others. Teach him to share with the needy, so that he can become a sensible and compassionate man as he grows up.

Things You Every Dad Should Teach His Son

7. Teach Him The Value Of Money: Are you looking for 10 things that every dad should teach his son? Don’t let your son be extravagant. Control his unnecessary demands and teach him to value money. If he knows the advantages of saving money from childhood, he’ll use it further to make his life better.

8. Teach Him How To Be A Man For His Lady: You’ve done everything to get your wife. Now, you’re the father. Teach him how to respect the lady of his life, defend her, make her feel special, protect her, etc. You do it all with his mother and set examples before him.

Things You Every Dad Should Teach His Son

9. Make Him A Man Of Word: When you look for the 10 things that every dad should teach his son, you should consider this one as an important thing. If you promise something to someone, you should try your best to fulfill it. Otherwise, don’t promise anything that you can’t keep up with.

10. Give Him The Lesson of Self-respect- Overall, a man can win everywhere if he knows how to hold his self-esteem. You’ve spend your life with your head held high and this is the time your son should put on your shoes to face the world with self-respect.

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