Side Effects of Using Diapers For Babies

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Those days are gone when moms relied on cotton cloth diapers. With the changing times, we all shifted to disposable diapers with chemicals in them. But, do you think that you are giving the best for your baby? It is proved that using diapers can harm your baby in many ways. This can range from minor skin reddening to serious problems like infections.

Simple Remedies For Diaper Rashes

You may wonder about the side effects of using diapers for babies. Can you believe that the long term use of diapers can cause serious problems like cancer, reproductive problems, hormonal problems, poor immune system, allergic reactions, and toxic shock syndrome?

While using diapers is comfortable for moms, it may not be the same for the babies. But, parents fail to relate the unexplained cries of babies to the irritation caused by diapers. If it is not possible to shift entirely to cloth diapers; watch your child and find which brand of diaper is causing the problem.

Best Alternatives For Diapers

Think twice before wrapping toxins around the most sensitive part of your dear little one. Dioxins, VOCs, fragrance, Tributyl-tin (TBT) and sodium polyacrylate are some of the most harmful chemicals found in diapers. Here, let us discuss some of the side effects of using diapers on babies.


Skin Redness

This is the first and the foremost symptom that you can notice if your baby is experiencing any discomfort while using diapers. This can later lead to itching, scratches and infections. So, never ignore this mild symptom because it is one of the important side effects of using diaper on babies.


Skin Infections

Since baby skin is very delicate, even minor rashes can lead to infections in that area. This occurs when the diapers rub on the baby skin, causing an itch.


Urinary Infections

While using normal cotton cloth diapers, you have to change the diaper each time when it is wet. But when you leave disposable diapers for long time, chances are more that your baby will suffer urinary infections. This is more common among baby girls due to the anatomical peculiarity.



The contents in diapers can be allergic to your baby. This can be the scents that are used to mask the foul smell or the gel that is used for extra absorbance. So, if you doubt about the side effects of using diaper for babies, always watch for allergic reactions while using disposable diapers.


Suppressed Immunity

The Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) present in diapers can affect the immunity of your babies. Poor immune system can lead to frequent infections and inflammations. If your child is suffering recurring infections, watch your baby's diaper as well.


Diaper Rash

This is commonly seen where the diaper comes in close contact with the skin like the areas with elastics. The area becomes red and sometimes there will be blisters. Due to inflammation, the area will feels warm when touched.


Fungal Infections

Yes, diapers keep the area dry. But, if you are using diapers continuously, for a long time, it can result in fungal infections due to the retention of moisture. This is one of the side effects of using diapers for babies.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 9:03 [IST]
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