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    Why A Divorce Affects A Girl Child More?


    We all know that childhood experiences shape personality, but a recent study concluded that this is true more for girls. It seems domestic quarrels or divorce of parents during childhood may negatively affect the mental and physical health of the girl child compared to the boy.

    When health experts were researching the effects of divorce on children, they found out that breakups of parents would show adverse effects on the girl child more.

    Effect Of Childhood On Personality- Fighting Parents

    They also stated a reason for this. It is said that the health of a girl tends to be more sensitive and any disturbance in the family structure would show its impact on the health of a girl.

    This is true especially in the case of a girl who grew up in a broken family, or with a divorced parent or even a step-parent. Such children may undergo depression and this is why their health may get affected in the long run.

    Effect Of Childhood On Personality- Arguing Parents

    This study was done by using information obtained from nearly a hundred thousand teenagers. Here, there is another factor that plays a role. The age of the girl during the time of the parent's divorce also plays a role.The study says that girls tend to be pretty vulnerable especially when they are between 6 and 10 years of age.

    Effect Of Childhood On Personality- Single Mom

    This study proved that family structure and domestic harmony play a very import role in the process of raising children and this is more true for girls as they are sensitive and vulnerable during the growing years.

    Effect Of Childhood On Personality- Happy Parents

    Daughters of single parents are more at the risk of suffering depression or addictions after they grow up. In fact, this is why couples should be more careful when they plan a baby and they should be more careful if they ever plan to break up. It is a fact that separation of parents creates anxiety in kids.

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