14 Kids Fancy Dress Ideas For Moms

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Children Day : Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids | फैंन्सी ड्रेस कॉप्टीशिन में बच्चे को दें ये लुक |BoldSky

After you become parents, all your kid's responsibilities are on you. Needless to say, even your kid's fancy dress competition is your responsibility. Although you would like your kid to contribute some ideas for the fancy dress, it eventually comes down to you. So you will be the one choosing your kid's costume.

But the trouble is that by the time we become parents we are totally out of touch with our school days. So, your kid's fancy dress competition throws you totally off the hook. Fancy dress ideas do not bloom to an adult mind so easily. Parenting kids is all about overcoming these small challenges. You have to be as excited about your kid's fancy dress competition as he or she is. Only when you are enthusiastic will you be able to come up with the best costumes for your kids.

So if you need ideas for your kids fancy dress competition, go back to school. Think about the characters and concepts that excited you back then. Then you will be able to design and decorate you kid's fancy dress costume with ease.

Here are some cool and uncomplicated ideas to dress up your kids for any fancy dress competition.



Bal Gopal or baby Krishna is one of the most versatile fancy dress costumes for little boys. All you need is a crown with a peacock feather stuck in it.


Makhan Chor

Baby Krishna was called makhan-chor because he loved butter. This little one is literally imitating Krishna was having butter smeared all across his face.



It is very easy to dress up your kid as a teacher. Drape a small dupatta on her like a saree and ask her to imitate her favourite teacher's mannerisms.



Hanuman is yet another look that is traditionally popular. You need to wrap short dhoti, make the monkey face and attach a crooked tail to your boy. See how cute your baby Hanuman look!



The Arab look is easy to imitate. You need to make the Arab head gear with a checkered cloth and two rubber bands. Then make your kid wear really loose fitting clothes.



The vintage costumes for your kid would be full-length velvet dress for the girls and breeches with long coats for the boys.



The Kashmiri costume is both easy and vibrant. Make your little girl wear salwar kameez. Drape a dupatta or stole around the head in Kashmiri style.


Lady Finger

This little one loves vegetables. He has put on the costume of a lady finger. You can dress up your kid as any of the other vegetables like tomato, onion, carrot etc.


Bride's Maid

Every girl is a bride-to-be. So why not dress up your little princess as a bride's maid. It will be a good dress rehearsal for her wedding!


Go Green

Fancy dress is a great way to sensitize your kids to the world issues that are hot topics of discussion. This young champion is bringing out the 'Go Green' cause with his costume.



Have your baby girl dress up as the ancient Shakuntala. She is usually shown wearing a white saree draped over her knees and a top knot in her hair adorned with flowers.


Banjara Girl

Your little girl dress up in ghagra choli. Adorn her with a shinny tiara and cover her head with a dupatta. Your tribal girl is ready to dance!


The Butterfly Princess

This little girl is the princess of all the colourful butterflies in your garden. The dress is a normal princess frock. But the innovative gloves and the two butterflies stuck on her head make it a special costume.


Chatrapti Shivaji

Historical characters always fascinate children. Dress up your boy as the brave Maratha King Shivaji so that he gets a lesson in history!

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