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10 Indian Foods That Kids Love

By Sowmiya Prasad

Is making your kid a herculean task? Is he a picky eater?? It is a usual notion that we get dreaded when it comes to providing food for kids. We try to stuff it with all the so called healthy food which often end up splattering on the floor. If your kid keeps rejecting your cuisine, it is a sure indication of a lapse on your part. A recent survey shows that Indian Kids love Indian food.

Kids may sometimes like the weirdest tastes and combinations. One of them works out to be a spicy curry with a sweet powdered laddoo. Some of the other Indian foods kids love includes dosa with sugar cubes and yogurt with chilli powder. Kids like to graze with a variety of food on their plates, so why not make it colorful and attractive? They have mood swings which are erratic, that they eat fruits and vegetables a day and literally end up eating nothing the day next.

If your kid is giving a tough time when it comes to eating, then it's imperative you cook the food he loves. Understand his mood, make the food colorful and decorative and woo him with it. Here are a few Indian foods that kids love.


Food In Shape

Kids love different shapes and they love to eat dosa's in different shapes and colors. The best way to attract your kid to the food is to bring fun shapes in dosa's. Also get him involved in cooking. Add colorful and healthy toppings like carrot on it. This is one Indian foods kids love.


Banana Sandwich

Foods for kids should be carefully prepared and should be healthy. Kids love bananas and the sandwich made out of them. Cut the bananas in shape and sprinkle some tasty honey over it. Add peanut butter and spread the banana make over the bread and serve it to your kid.


Curd Rice

Is there a kid who doesn't like curd?? Curd rice is one of the Indian foods kids love. It is also one of the easiest foods for kids that you can make. Just pack his lunch box with curd rice in it and you will see him coming back from school smiling.



Lassi is the Indian smoothie and one of the Indian foods kids love. When your kid is too adamant about eating, making him this Indian smoothie adding a flavor to it.



Kulfi is something kids love. It is one of famous Indian foods kids love. Every kid would be eager to grab a kulfi. The creamy Indian ice cream is one that kids crave for.



Dal is one of the best foods for kids and also the one of the Indian foods kids love. Add a little dal and ghee to the rice they eat. They may come to you for more.



This is one of the healthy foods for kids as it contains berries, nuts and vegetables. It is also one of the Indian foods kids love. Those nuts and berries in the food may attract tiny toddlers.


Pazham Pori

This is a typical keralite recipe and one of the foods that kids may love to eat. Those bananas dipped in dough and made crispy. This is a sweet snack that kids may like.


Paneer Sandwich

This is a yummy dish and easy to make. Above all, your picky toddlers will enjoy eating it. The sandwich has a mild taste and may make a good lunch box recipe to your kid.


Soya Aloo Tikki

A combination of soya, aloo, pomegranate pearls and chaat may enthrall kids. The flavor is a perfect combination which kids may love. You may definitely not have a tough time to make him eat.

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