How To Teach Kids Table Manners?

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You realise the importance of table manners only when you take your kid out for a dinner. If your kid eats in a scattered manner in front of your social friends you feel like smacking your child. But the fault is actually yours. You forgot to teach basic table manners that will enable him or her to eat elegantly.

Some kids respond badly when you try to table-train them. You will find these specific parenting tips useful to train your kids with table manners.

Table Manners

Ways To Teach Kids Table Manners:

Charity begins at home: Most of us think that our kid should eat properly when we take them out or when we have guests coming over. At home, all of us are happy to let our child eat as wildly as they want to. This kind of outlook will not help them in a long run. Start teaching manners to your kid at home. Make it a rule that your child eats with a spoon, fork and knife at home until he or she learns to eat properly.

Practice makes a man perfect: Until and unless the child practices how to eat with proper cutlery, he or she will not master the art of table manners. You cannot take them out one fine day and expect them to eat like ladies or gentlemen. Make sure you provide them the right accessories at the dinner table.

Food is not a toy: Make one thing amply clear to your kids and that is, food is not something to play with. Many children have this dirty habit of playing with food. You need to put an end to that without showing any leniency. Teach your kid to respect food first and good table manners will follow it automatically.

Do not scatter: Most kid do not scatter food deliberately. Their young and tender hands cannot manoeuvre the spoon and fork with as much ease as adults do. So be patient with your child. He or she cannot outgrow his or her young body to learn manners. You have to give them some leverage due to their young age.

Lead by example: Your kids learn what they see at home. Most importantly, they follow whatever adults do. They will observe how you conduct yourself at the table and try to follow you. So if you eat like a savage at home, do not expect your kid to learn manners. Sit with your child at the table and show them the proper way to eat with examples.

These are some of the better ways to teach your kids, table manners. How did you manage to table train your kids?

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