How To Be A Super Mom?

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All mothers want to be super moms for their kids. But, remember it might be really difficult to do so especially if you are a working mother. A mother becomes a super mom for her kids only when they understand that there is nothing that their mom cannot do. They also get the same feeling when they find all their tough work easy being done with your help. So, how to be a super mom for your kids? Here are some easy tips to be a super mom.

Super Mom

Organisational Skills- You do not need to have super powers to be a super mom. Just develop your organisational skills and you will be ready to be a super mom. It is never possible to do all the work of the home all alone. So, engage the other family members in the household chores and make work easy. This is especially needed for all the new moms, as they have a lot more work to do.

Homework- Children either fear or hate to do their homework. So, make it easy for them and you get the status of a super mom. As, soon as they come back from school let them rest a while and then take an account of the day's home work. First make a rough draft of what you have to do and then sit with them in the free time to finish their homework. It is very important on your part to keep a thorugh knowledge of all the subjects to help them solve their academic work. This is one of the nicest and the most effective tips to be a good mom.

Laundry- Laundry the clothes of your kids as this is one of the best tips for all moms. Your kids will be happy as they will find ironed clothes while going to school in their closet. They too don't have to bother about ironing their own clothes.

Food- Even if you have a cook at home one of the best tips for all moms would be to cook food for their own children. This will show that how much you care for them.

Understand them- This is the most important element of motherhood. In order to be a super mom, you have to be a friend to your kids so that they feel free to share all their secrets with you. You have to support them when they are right and at the same time make them understand if they are wrong.

Even new moms have to acquire these qualities in order to attain a super status in the eyes of their children.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 22, 2012, 15:29 [IST]
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