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Stress Relievers For Children

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Stress Relievers
Children now as days remain very stressed due to the excessive pressure of studies on them. Be it for their education or extra curricular activities they are always over pressurized for better results. Children are very vulnerable to stress. They even take to self destructive methods in some cases. Stress in children might be caused due to any good or bad event. You can understand the stress level through the changes in their behaviour.

A child's life is no more simple. He is an object to various obligations. Offer some effective stress relievers for your child instead of putting an extra stress on them.

Here are some effective methods to reduce stress in children.

Be Friends- Share your child's woes and worries and try to be a friend to them. Often they are subject to irrelevant fears which you can solve easily. Turn on some music and blow bubbles with your kid. If possible take out some time to play with him or her. All these are the most awesome stress relievers for your child.

Sleep- See that your child gets enough sleep. Sound sleep is one of the best stress relievers. A child needs a minimum of 9-10 hours of sleep. No matter how much the pressure, is just see that your child gets some good amount of sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to serious psychological and physical problems.

Engage In Co Curricular Activities- Engage your child in co curricular activities for reducing stress. But take care to ensure you do not fulfill your ambitions through your child. Let them do what they want. This one of the most effective stress relievers as the more your child's mind is engaged the more free it will be from notorious thoughts.

Break From Daily Routine- Give your child a break from teh daily monotonous routine by taking him or her out. This is one of the most incredible ways of reducing stress in children. They feel free from the burden of their daily work. Take them out on a few days trip or plan for a picnic.

Deep Breathing- Teach your child how to deep breathe. Whenever your child is stressed or angry tell him to breathe deeply. The benefits of a deep breathing are many. It relieves stress and tension. This method of relieving stress in your children is the most beneficial of all.

Chocolates And Gifts- Gift your child some chocolates or any other small gift whenever you find him stressed or depressed. Children love it and trust me, nothing else gives them more delight. For a moment they forget everything and indulge in the delight of receiving something new.

Use these effective stress relievers to help your child get rid of all tensions and depression.

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Story first published: Friday, June 29, 2012, 17:53 [IST]
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