The Secret Ingredient to Raising a Happy Child

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As parents we often wonder if we are doing the right things for our kids. We fuss about medical check-ups, getting the homework done, enrolling them in an art course or taking them to cricket camp. But, very few of us realize the importance of clothes in our child's life that literally touches their skin 24 X 7. Giving your child the right clothes to wear makes a difference to their every single activity.

Most child psychologists now agree that kids start developing personalities at a significantly younger age. So how comfortable your child feels about her day to day tasks might be one of the factors that determine the development of his/her personality. A research conducted in 1994 by Janis Stone and Laura Sternweis of Iowa State University showed how improper fitting, uncomfortable clothes and shoes can hinder the normal growth of a child.

The Secret to Raise a Happy Child

Mrs. Nagamani Kasi Rao who runs Maple Bear Preschool shared her views on kidswear; "Young children are engaged in physical activity all day long. They love to run around and play, so their clothes have to be very comfortable. Kids are often dressed up in clothes that parents find agreeable rather than what the kids find comfortable, be it at home, school or while playing".

When speaking with Mrs. Sarita Pinto, who majored in Human Development and Family Studies at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, mentioned, "It is so important for kids to have comfortable clothing to focus on the numerous activities happening around them. Uncomfortable clothing can become a major distraction for kids and due to this they find it difficult to concentrate. Sometimes my son complains about itchy tags, bad stitching, rough zips; that shifts the focus away from the activity he is doing. Comfort is the most important factor when it comes to a child's clothing. I always prefer to buy a set of pull-on trousers compared to something complicated with buttons and zips -- not only this is comfortable but it also encourages the children to wear their clothes by themselves, thus boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem."

Since it is so essential for children to have the right clothing for their activities, Unamia has come up with a range of delightful and comfortable "kid-friendly" clothes. Unamia clothes are visually appealing and are made from 100% cotton; they feel as natural as a mother's touch on the child's skin. Unamia clothes are extremely safe to wear; they go through three levels of rigorous quality control and use safe materials (azo-free dyes, nickel-free buttons). Unamia understands what your child needs and has done away with the itchy tags and troublesome zips.

Does this quality come at a high price? Not at all! Some of the best clothes in the world are made in India but most of them are exported. If you want to buy good quality kids wear in India then, the only option is to spend a great deal of money on foreign brands (which essentially sell Indian clothes to Indians at a higher price!) Looking at this huge gap in the kids wear market, Unamia decided to bring about a change. They have brought international quality of clothes for your children at affordable prices to your doorsteps. What's more, Unamia clothes have been created according to young children and parents so that the end user's perspective is considered right from the beginning. Unamia's unique social commerce initiative helps users review the clothes, make informed decisions and engage with the brand at a deeper level.

At the end of the day, ask yourself, "Should I be doing a little bit extra to make sure my child is at ease all hours of the day?" If your answer is "Yes!" then you owe it to yourself and your child to check out - India's top destination for smart parents and stylish kids.

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