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Is Your Child Shy At School?

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In the first few months, children feel shy at school. When you drop them at school, they cry to go home, do not eat properly and feel shy when the teachers talk to them. To make your child mingle with new people, take their shyness out. Here are few tips to make your kids overcome shyness in school.

Tips to help a shy child:

Is Your Child Shy At School?

Open up the child's mind: It is very important to make your child see and explore the outer world. Don't be too strict with your child. This will make him/her reserved and less interactive. When you take them out to relatives or friend's place, let your kids play with the other children in the house. Do not be strict when they say they wish to play with others. Socialising will help your shy child come out of their shell.

Talk to them and explain: It is very important to open up your child in front of you. As a parent, talk to him/her and find out why he/she feels shy to approach others. If the shyness is affecting studies, you have to be alarmed. While talking, encourage your child and make them know that they are talented. This will motivate them to open up and get over shyness in school.

Involve in extra-curricular activities: Apart from schooling, make your child indulge in other co-curricular activities especially sports. Mingling with friends, spending more time on opening up will help a shy child. If the principal or teachers complain of low confidence or low socialising skills, get the child registered in personality development classes. Whatever you do, make it a point to encourage your child and let them know their talent.

Don't leave them alone: A shy child would always want to stay alone. If your child is developing such symptoms, it is high time you stay with him/her. Take your kid outside and let them do what they like. This tip will definitely help a shy child overcome the shyness.

These are few tips to reduce shyness of a child. After the school, ask them what happened and what did they play etc. This will make the kid talk and build an interest towards school. In the beginning, a child feels shy to mix with other people in a completely new environment and place. That is why, they become shy and reserved. You have to keep this thing in mind and make sure you try every time to make your kid strong and confident. If the condition worsens, go for counselling.

Do you have more tips to help children reduce shyness in school? Share with us.

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