Limits Of Love And Parenthood

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There are some very basic aspects of a parent child relationship that everyone has to understand. As soon as you have a child you start feeling love for him/her. This feeling of love can be anything from a deep feeling of empathy to just providing for the needs of the child. But you should always limit your love for your child as after a certain age you need to control your child for their own good. Ideal parenting happen is one when you combine both love and discipline to bring up your child in a proper fashion.

Take Advantage- When your child is mature enough to understand that you love them a lot and can even become weak for this love, they will start taking advantage of your weakness. And once they start doing so, they will make you fall for all their tantrums and wants. Limit love for your child at an ideal age. But to limit love does not mean that you care for your child any less.

Limit Love

All children take advantage of the love of their parents to some extent. But too much of it is definitely not good. They might even go on a wrong path. The base of your parenting must be strong enough so that no such thing happens. Show them that you can limit your love in such cases and can do anything to bring them to the right path.

Restricted Freedom- Who doesn't care for their child? Everyone does. But that does not imply that you have to grant them freedom beyond limits. And in case you do so then it might backfire on you. You never know when he/she might just come under the influence bad of a set of friends and get spoilt. A right parenting teaches them how to go out in the world and behave. So limit your love, and give them freedom but restrict it to a certain extent so that they get to know their limits.

Too Much Is Not Good- Limit your love but not so much that they get sick and tired of it. You must care for child too. See what emotional phase he/she is going through and what he/she wants. Analyse what is wrong for them and what is right. Fulfil their demands accordingly. Too much of restriction or strictness is also not good. Try to be both a parent and friend at once. This approach can solve many problems of parenting.

Take all these factors into consideration before you bring up your child with all the love, care and attention due to him or her.

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