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Kids Career, How To Guide It?

Posted By: Sneha
Parents Giving Career Advice
Advising your children for their career is an integral responsibility of parents. Your kid's career can be molded by parents in a very effective way by understanding kids career choices. There are certain ways parents can adopt to give apt career advice towards a bright future.

1. PARENTS MUST NOT FORCE THEIR CAREER CHOICE- Parents must not force anything on children as this might just mislead him from his career choice. The best way is to let him explore and let him decide the fields of his/her interest. By forcing parents career aspirations they might just ruin their kids career. The best way is let children decide even if parents feel its not a right career option do not force by this way parents might just underestimate their children which could affect their kids future.

2.NETWORKING- By helping children build a network with professionals of various fields parents can help their children interact and decide which could be a field of their interest. The beat career advice parents could give is to enable their children to meet people whom they can get inspiration from. People who are best in the industry and people who your children look up to. For example 'Barkha Dutt' if your daughter aspires to be a journalist.

3.APTITUDE TESTS- Parents can guide their children by encouraging them to undergo certain aptitude tests. These tests do a complete analysis of kids strong and weak points which can give then a clear picture of deciding an apt career. These aptitude tests include IQ test, spatial test, personality test etc. These test can help children to overcome a career disaster as they give the perfect picture of the individuals interest.

4. GRADES DO NOT MATTER- Mainly parents tend to mistake that good grades can fetch their children a very good career. This might not be true always because fairing academically well may not help children to excel. Education is very important but shackling knowledge with limitations confined in books may not be correct. Knowledge is vast and kids career can not just be based on academic scores that’s the perfect career advice parents should adopt.

- To help mold kids career and to make them understand the importance of working, the right attitude must be developed within them by letting them start early. Right attitude comes with experience and early start can help children become very confident. Children to be successful must develop the knack of working at an early age because this will give them a clear picture of the existing job opportunities, the corporate sector, the norms of the industries and help them carve a niche in this big bad world.

These measures can be adopted to ensure successful kids future.

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Story first published: Monday, March 5, 2012, 16:30 [IST]
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