Increasing Pressure On Children

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Pressure On Children
There is no life to childhood in today's world. The increasing pressure teaches them how to grow up fast and compete. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is left to be read in the books only. Some parents damage the growth of their children by creating mental pressure in them. Here are some of the causes and effects of pushing children beyond the limits.

Causes Of Rising Pressure On Children:
  • A tight schooling schedule, tuition, and loads of home work hardly spares free time for the kids. Few parents consider attending more and more tuition as a means to increase the concentration of their kids. Working parents feel burden free after sending off their children for studies at other places.
  • Parents too compete with other parents on the basis of their child's academic success. The sky high ambition of parents ruins the career of their children. In very rare cases, children get to choose a career for themselves. Every parent wants to make their child a doctor or an engineer without even bothering to ask once.
  • Rising competition is another reason behind increasing pressure in children. Parents want their children to excel in every sphere with the result of them becoming victims of anxiety and stress.

Effects Of Rising Pressure On Children:

  • Children with too much work load are prone to suffer from health problems like blood pressure, anxiety and stress in the future. They also develop psychological disorders and in most cases turn introvert.
  • The worst effect that has been noticed due to increasing parental and peer pressure is a rise in the number of suicides among students. Many students upon the realisation that they have failed to comply with the expectations of their friends or family members commit suicide.
  • Children no more believe in fairy tales ads. They have grown out to be more mature than their age.

Ways to Deal With Rising Pressure On Children:

  • Talk to your children about the problems they face and try to sort it out by being a friend to them.
  • Arrange their daily routine in a way that they get some free time to play. Some engagement in games or other co-curricular activities drives out all negative thoughts from mind.
  • Do not compare them with others. Also, avoid giving high standards or expectations that it becomes impossible for them to achieve. Understand their bent of mind and go for a professional counselling if necessary.

Increasing pressure in children in most of the cases backfire on the parents themselves. Deal with the rising pressure on children in a calm and comprehensive way. If you know any other way to deal with the rising pressure on children then do share with us.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 30, 2012, 13:05 [IST]
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