Tips To Be Friends With Kids

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Friends With Kids
When kids hit adolescence, they get more involved with their increasing list of friends. Parents can clearly see these changes in their children and it is nothing uncommon. When a young child starts feeling that he/she has grown up, the urge to become a social individual increases gradually. Also, friends circle has a great impact on a young mind. There are few kids who feel that they are grown enough to take individual decisions without informing parents. Parents have to be more careful when their kid hits adolescence. Getting into bad habits and hiding them from parents take the decent child on the wrong path. Here are few tips for parents that will help them to develop friendly relationship with their kids.

Be cool: First and the foremost thing is to be friendly with your kid. Instead of behaving like a mother or father, try and become a friend. If you remain strict your child will definitely start avoiding you. At their growing age, you should be the closest person to your child. Even if your child commits a mistake, be cool. Do not react immediately. Take your time and explain when the right time comes.

Ask day to day happenings: Make your growing kid come and share whatever happened at school. If you will take interest in your kid's life, he/she will be tempted to share their day to day happenings with you. After your kid returns from school, spend some time with him/her. Ask what happened in class, what their friends are upto etc. Make sure you look interested in small topics that might be interesting for your growing child.

Interact with his/her friends: When your kid's friends come down, visit them and say Hello! Serve them snacks and make them to feel comfortable. This will encourage the kid to socialise and develop. Make sure you give them the required space. Your kid might share everything with you, but, in front of friends, he/she will require some space.

Give space: As mentioned earlier, give some space to your kid. Even if you kid is not sharing everything with you or taking time to become friends with you, you have to be patient. Do not interfere in every activity of your kid but keep a track of everything. If you give some space to your child, he/she will approach you gradually.

Don't be restrictive: When the kids hit adolescence, mood swings are obvious. Also, the urge to hide things develops. If your kid is showing such signs, stop restricting them time and again. If he/she wants to go out on an evening with friends, let them go but, gently mention the deadline. Giving little freedom is important. Let your kid enjoy his/her adolescence. Instead of stopping him/her from having fun, become their support.

Try these tips to become friends with your growing kid. Do you have any other tricks? Share with us...

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Story first published: Monday, June 4, 2012, 15:10 [IST]
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