How To Handle Your Child's Car Sickness?

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You might love to go on a long ride with your family. But did you ever notice your child feeling sick and uncomfortable in the car? Do not rub off symptoms as such because he/she might be having car sickness. It is just a form of motion sickness. The brain of some of the kids are more sensitive to motion than others and that is why they develop motion sickness. Motion sickness is very common in children between 2-12 years of age. Find out some of the most easy ways to help out your child when he/she is feeling sick in the car.

Give Citrus Fruits- If your child has motion sickness then they might feel pukish in the car. Give your child an orange or lemon while travelling. Cut these fruits into half and let them smell it. This will reduce nausea and motion sickness of the child to a great extent. Eating gooseberries or oranges can also give a relive from pukish feelings.

Car Sickness

Distract- Most of the times your child feels sick in the car because they have nothing much to do. And hence, get bored by the dull long journey. Car sickness is often a state of mind. So sing a song , play hand games or chat with them whenever you are in the car. You may also give them some puzzles to solve. This will keep their mind engrossed. Simply do things that will distract the attention of the child to something else than the travel.

Light Snacks- If you are already aware that your child has car sickness then it is always advisable to go for a light snack before a journey. Do not think that if you feed the child to his throat that will do him/her any good. It is also not good to be on empty stomach. This may just increase nausea and vomiting tendencies. Give them some healthy snacks and carry some on your way.

Front Seat- Motion sickness of a child is more a psychological state where they get wearied and tired with the travel. Give them the front seat and let them take a clear view of the scenes ahead. Open the windows and let the fresh air in. Tell them stories about the place and make them interested enough so that they keep looking at the natural views and their mind gets diverted.

Cool Ride- Try to drive at a relatively slow and regular pace if your child has car sickness. Isn't it better to reach a place an hour late than to see your child fall sick. The intensity of car sickness is more in the case of a turbulent ride. Plan most of the trips during night time when your child sleeps and take a cool ride all the way.

Keep all these things in mind before you kick off a journey with your family.

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