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Dealing Premature Graying In Kids

Nowadays, we find many kids suffering from premature graying. The early graying may be genetic problem, nutritional deficiency or bad hair care. Take a look at the cause, treatment and remedies in brief.

Early development of gray hair is many a times due to vitamin deficiency such vitamin B12 or anemia. Also loss of melanin pigment in hair leads to 'vitiligo', one of the main cause of premature graying.

The graying of hair may affect the confidence levels of the child and may lead to depression so treating premature graying in kids is important from both physical and mental health point of view.

Avoid the embarrassment and the mental trauma the child needs to undergo by following these simple kids hair care tips.

1. Eating Vitamin B12 rich food like seafood, eggs and cheese will suffice the deficiency problem and may gradually stop early graying.

2. Oiling hair constantly with vitamin rich almond oil. Boiling 5 different types of oil in an iron pan with henna, curry leaves and applying it on kids hair will gradually bring the black colour back to hair.

3. Applying beetroot juice, tea and henna on hair and washing off after dry will add a natural coat to the premature gray hair and add shine.

4. Combing hair at least once daily and massaging with warm gingelly oil will improve blood circulation and help in new hair development.

Apart from these, kids with premature graying need to seek a doctor's advice to know where the problem is and act accordingly. Sometimes genetic premature graying of hair may not show up any change.

Story first published: Monday, October 24, 2011, 13:02 [IST]
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