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Games To Improve Concentration Of Kids!

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Games Improve Memory
Kids are restless and parents find it really hard to improve the concentration of the young minds. Many children suffer from attention disorder and this lack of concentration affects their studies. Parents can however, try some simple yet effective activities to improve the concentration of their kid. These activities are appealing and fun learning for the kids. Here are few activities which not only increases concentration but also sharpens the memory of the kid. Take a look.

Fun learning activities to improve kids concentration:

Remember me?: In this game, you place few objects on the table and make the kid watch it for 30 seconds. Hide the table and after a minute, ask your kid to recollect the objects kept on the table. See how much he/she remembers. Play this game whenever possible to increase the concentration of your kid. You can even try this game with words.

Catch the missing number: You have to count from 1-10 or more. While counting, skip a number and see if your kid observes it or not. Before playing this game, inform your kid that you will count and in between miss out few numbers which he/she will have to tell. This game is fun learning and also improves the concentration and memory of the kid.

Recall: This is an effective game to improve the memory of the kid. After a day out, ask your kid about the activities which he/she did. This makes your kid recall and work hard on memorizing. You can also tell a story and ask few questions in between to check the concentration. This way the kid improves the memory. Offer chocolates if the outcome is very impressive. This also encourages the kid to play and learn more!

Puzzles: Kids love to play puzzles. This is a fun learning game which works on the concentration and improves memory of the kids. Try to play puzzles on weekends with your kid. If you give interest in the game, the kid will gradually pick up likeness for games.

Try these fun learning games to improve the concentration and memory of the kid.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 11:47 [IST]
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