Easy And Fun Filled Christmas Party Games For Kids

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Christmas Party Games Kids
Christmas can be filled with more fun if there are games for kids. Christmas games are filled with excitement and can be a great idea to make the kids party more loving and entertaining. Kids love to play any game which gives them thrills so, here are few Christmas games ideas for kids party.

Christmas party games ideas for kids:

Christmas socks: What is the celebration without our Santa? Get a bundle of socks or stockings and fill a bowl with chocolates. Hang the stocking/socks at a height in one corner and place the chocolates bowl in another corner. Now ask the kids to take one chocolate at a time and run to put in the sock/stocking which is higher than their reach. In one minute they have to fill as many as possible but can only take one chocolate at a time. Present the stocking/Santa sock to the winner with maximum chocolates.

Christmas scene: Provide some Christmas decoration items such as wreath, cotton, Santa clothes, Santa cap and Santa bag. Now ask the kids to use one item and set the Christmas scene. This can be an individual or team task. See how creative kids are!!!

Treasure hunt: Hide chocolates, gifts, musical instruments, pencil boxes and toys in the house and ask the kids to search the items hidden anywhere in the house. You can give hints by sticking notes at few places to spice up the game. The winner can get a special prize or the treasured items!

Craft game: Make the kids try some craft work. This Christmas party game idea is effective to improve the skills of kids and build their creativity. Provide some items required and make the kids design something with the available stuffs.

Try these party games ideas to make kids celebrate Christmas with more excitement!

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Story first published: Friday, December 23, 2011, 12:37 [IST]
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