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Is Excess Folate Consumption Dangerous?

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A new study states that too much of folate and also supplements of vitamin B12 during pregnancy isn't good. Researchers say that it might lead to autism in the kids.

Is Excess Folate Consumption Dangerous2

Folate is present in some fruits and vegetables. It is important for the growth of cells and development of the foetus. When this nutrient is deficient, certain birth defects may also occur.

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That is why generally pregnant women are asked to get enough of this nutrient. But now, this study claims that the exact quantities or dosages must also be prescribed by the doctors to avoid over consumption and its effects.

Is Excess Folate Consumption Dangerous3

This study claims that too much of folate consumption could also increase the risk of autism-spectrum disorder in the kids. This disorder causes social impairment, unusual behavior and also communicative issues in kids. Even too much of vitamin B12 consumption could also raise the risk in kids.

Is Excess Folate Consumption Dangerous5

Lack of enough folate could impair the child's development and at the same time, excessive folate also isn't good for the foetus.

Is Excess Folate Consumption Dangerous1

Researchers studied more than thousand mothers along with their children and came to this conclusion. So, maybe it is better to be careful about your dosage of folate and Vitamin B12 during pregnancy.

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