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Does Fructose Affect Pregnant Mothers?

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A new study claims that pregnant mothers should decrease their fructose consumption as it could increase the risk of heart diseases in their kids when they grow up.

Does Fructose Affect Pregnant Mothers?

Researchers found that children of mothers who consume more fructose during pregnancy may have higher risk of suffering obesity, high BP and even cardiovascular issues after they grow up into adults.

Does Fructose Affect Pregnant Mothers?2

This study also warns that fructose consumption could affect the next generation too. Researchers studied the effect of fructose consumption in mice and came to this conclusion.

Does Fructose Affect Pregnant Mothers?3

Today, fructose is used in most of the foods and drinks that we consume regularly and this is a very big risk factor which must be eliminated for the sake of the health of the future generations.

Does Fructose Affect Pregnant Mothers?4

In the study, researchers observed abnormal glucose levels in the offspring of mothers whose fructose consumption is high. Apart from high glucose levels, even the fat accumulation was high in the offspring.

Does Fructose Affect Pregnant Mothers?5

So, researchers say that there could be a link between fructose consumption during pregnancy and various health issues in the offspring. This indicates that pregnant mothers may need to stay away from fructose-rich foods in order to ensure better health of the next generation.

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Story first published: Friday, April 22, 2016, 7:20 [IST]
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