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Does Foetal Over-Nutrition Cause Obesity?

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A new study claims that an overfed foetus will have higher chances of turning into an obese teenager. This study points to the importance of eating healthy before pregnancy and during pregnancy too.

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Excessive eating while pregnant may also have its effect on the foetus. Researchers say that teenage obesity can sometimes occur due to the overfeeding of a baby.

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In other words, when adiponectin and Leptin are found in high levels at the time of birth, the chances of teenage obesity could be higher.
So, foetal over-nutrition can also raise the risk of obesity in the kid's future. Also, when a child is over weight at the time of birth, the chances of being overweight during teenage would surely increase.

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Generally, in an attempt to provide the best nutrition to the foetus, many women tend to overeat during pregnancy. This could lead to an overweight baby.

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At the same time, mothers should not neglect the nutrition requirements of the foetus. Both malnutrition and over-nutrition are dangerous for the health of the baby.

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This is why pregnant mothers should be in touch with the gynecologist regularly to determine the right levels of nutrition for the foetus to avoid all complications.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 5, 2016, 11:16 [IST]
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