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Do Tomatoes Affect Sperm Quality?

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Researchers are trying to find out whether lycopene can enhance the sperm quality and sperm count as well. If there is a link between tomatoes and sperm quality, then it could really help men.

Do Tomatoes Affect Sperm Quality1

In the past, many studies have proved that lycopene can do a good job in enhancing sperm count up to 70%. Lycopene is an antioxidant present in tomatoes. Now, studies are more focused on whether the same substance can boost the quality of the sperm.

Do Tomatoes Affect Sperm Quality2

Researchers want to primarily know whether lycopene prevents DNA damage. Currently, studies are being done on scores of men who are actually divided into two groups.

Do Tomatoes Affect Sperm Quality3

One of the groups would be given lycopene supplements for a particular period of time and the other group would be offered a placebo instead of a supplement.

Do Tomatoes Affect Sperm Quality4

After a few months, the samples of sperm will be collected and analysed. This study isn't still over and the findings are not yet disclosed. But if researchers find out a link between lycopene and sperm quality then men will have more reasons than one to eat tomatoes regularly!

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 7, 2016, 16:10 [IST]
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