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Do Painkillers In Pregnancy Cause ADHD?

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A new study claims that overuse of pain killers like paracetamol during pregnancy could increase the risk of certain disorders like ADHD and autism in the babies.

Do Painkillers In Pregnancy Cause ADHD1

This is true especially for male children. Research shows that the brain of a male child tends to be vulnerable to various kinds of influences during childhood.

Do Painkillers In Pregnancy Cause ADHD2

The brains of males are sensitive to certain harmful influences during that age. And therefore, prenatal exposure to certain chemicals could have a detrimental effect.

Do Painkillers In Pregnancy Cause ADHD3

Also, studies suggest that the risk of ADHD increases in the baby when a mother consumes too much of paracetamol during pregnancy.

Do Painkillers In Pregnancy Cause ADHD4

Also kids who had prenatal exposure to such painkillers also may show impulsive nature, poor academic performance and so on.

Do Painkillers In Pregnancy Cause ADHD5

Such symptoms at an early age may further affect the confidence levels of the kid. So, pregnant women may need to consult their doctors before using over the counter painkillers.

Do Painkillers In Pregnancy Cause ADHD6

The reason why pracetamol could affect the neurodevelopment of the growing foetus is because it influences the cannabinoid receptors present in the brain while relieving pain.

Those receptors have an important role in the process of growth of a child and how one part of the brain connects with others during growth.

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Story first published: Sunday, July 3, 2016, 13:39 [IST]
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