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Do Obese Mothers Affect 3 Generations?

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A new study claims that pregnant women who consume sugary foods and fatty foods may have higher chances of becoming obese and this could affect the next three generations.

Do Obese Mothers Affect 3 Generations

The children and grandchildren of an obese mother could be predisposed to several metabolic problems according to this study.

Do Obese Mothers Affect 3 Generations2

In some cases, even if the children of the next three generations try to consume healthy foods and lead a healthy lifestyle, it would be tough for them to overcome the genetic predisposition.

Do Obese Mothers Affect 3 Generations3

The risks include heart disease, type 2 diabetes and several other metabolic issues. The children could inherit the metabolic issues from the mother through mitochondrial DNA.

Do Obese Mothers Affect 3 Generations4

Researchers conducted a study on mice and fed them with a diet that consisted of 60% fat and 20% of sugar.

After the rats reproduced, their offspring were given healthy food that is rich in protein and consisted very less sugar or fat.

Do Obese Mothers Affect 3 Generations5

Even though the rats of the next three generations were fed with healthy food, researchers observed insulin resistance as well as certain metabolic issues in those rats.

Do Obese Mothers Affect 3 Generations

Today, our diets have become worse and this is why the problem could get worse in the next three generations if a mother is obese.

Do Obese Mothers Affect 3 Generations6

So, researchers say that it is better to kill obesity at its roots before it affects the future generations. Also, as the habit of eating healthy foods may get difficult to cultivate in the future generations as processed foods are ruling the market, it is better to control obesity right now.

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Story first published: Saturday, June 18, 2016, 10:34 [IST]
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