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Are Cosmetics Dangerous During Pregnancy?

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A new study claims that the usage of certain beauty products during pregnancy could be bad. It is said that such products could also cause certain reproductive effects.

Are Cosmetics Dangerous During Pregnancy1

The study calms that butyl paraben, an ingredient in most of those products could also increase the chances of low birth weight and preterm birth.

Are Cosmetics Dangerous During Pregnancy

Another compound known as triclocarbon used in certain soaps is said to cause certain other risks in pregnant women. Propyl paraben is said to increase the risk of low body length in newborns.

Are Cosmetics Dangerous During Pregnancy3

The study further states that compounds that disrupt the endocrine system could increase the risk of reproductive system.
Researchers say that more studies need to be conducted to see whether these compounds present in beauty products cause any other major reproductive effects in pregnant women.

Are Cosmetics Dangerous During Pregnancy4

For now, it is better to stay away from certain cosmetics at least during pregnancy. Also, consulting your gynecologist about what to use and what not to use may also reduce your risks up to an extent.

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Story first published: Friday, May 6, 2016, 6:52 [IST]
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