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Alarming Signs Of Miscarriage At 4 Weeks

Pregnancy is one of the many overwhelming moments in a woman's life. However, it can be quite devastating and shattering when you experience a miscarriage. In recent statistics it is said that around 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriages as early as 4 weeks and some of them also occur in the first 20 weeks of gestation.

According to gynecologists, it is believed that most women are unaware of a miscarriage occurring even before a woman misses her period or even before she realises she's actually pregnant!

Today, doctors advise pregnant women to be extremely careful in the first trimester of pregnancy which is the first three months after conception.

Some of the miscarriage symptoms that occur in 4 weeks are alarming and the woman will undergo drastic physical and emotional changes in her body. As soon as you experience any of these signs of miscarriage it is advisable to head to the emergency room. Ignoring the sign will only put the baby and you in danger.

Here are some of the miscarriage symptoms at 4 weeks, take a look at what a miscarriage looks like so that you will be able to deal with the situation if needed. It is also important for the woman to avoid a panic attack as it can can cause more serious problems to your health.


Heavy Bleeding

Heavy bleeding is a sure sign of miscarriage at 4 weeks. However, to make sure if its really a loss, you should check your blood HCG levels as sometimes when hormonal level drops, bleeding does occur. Also, pay attention to how heavy the bleeding is as that too is of adhere importance.


Notice The Breathing Rate

A sure sign of miscarriage at 4 weeks is breathing problems. The woman will witness heavy breathing and at times it will be difficult to breathe. The problem will usually occur if your stressed and worried, so pull yourself together to ease the situation.


Painful Cramps

Abdominal pain or cramping is another sign of miscarriage at 4 weeks. If your experiencing this uncontrollable pain, head to the emergency immediately. On the other hand, you should also know that this is not a definite sign as some women do witness a level of cramping throughout their pregnancy. If your cramping is with bleeding it should not be ignored.


Vaginal Discharge

Brown discharge from the vagina is one sign of miscarriage you should not ignore. This discharge will resemble the colour of coffee. It is old blood that has been in the uterus for a while and is coming out slowly.


Tissue Discharge

Along with discharge you will also witness a slimy liquid passing through the vagina. This is nothing but tissue discharge which is another sign of miscarriage when your at 4 weeks.



Due to the pain and cramping, there are some women who have the tendency to develop fever. At this stage taking a low dose of fever medication is a must, so that you can control the temperature.


What Happens After The Miscarriage?

It is very important to take good care after miscarriage. You will still continue to have bleeding at least for 2 weeks. Cramping and body pain can be reduced with painkillers prescribed by the doctor.

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